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Crispy Jalapeno Burgers

Crispy Jalapeno Burgers

Juicy. Spicy. Gooey. Crunchy. Saucy. Melty. I could keep going. You know those days when nothing else will do but a big, stacked burger?  This recipe is for one of those days.  That day when you just can’t anymore and you need the oozing cheese and the crispy bacon and a little something to make you sweat a little.  This burger hits all the right notes.

This is a cautionary tale though. Beware the panfrying peppers.  Have you ever wondered how anyone ever came up with the idea for pepperspray?  I’m pretty sure it happened in a tiny kitchen with a small, hot frying pan, a few strong jalapeno peppers, and a pair of cooks who couldn’t stop coughing for an hour.  Maybe we’re sadistic, but the burgers were totally worth the pain. Save yourself though, and open a window 🙂

jalapeno burger


Crispy Jalapeno Bacon Burgers
Makes 2

½ lb ground beef
Garlic Powder
Italian Seasoning
s & p
2 jalapeno peppers
1 smallish onion
olive oil
4 strips thick cut bacon
a few slices pepper jack cheese
1/3 cup mayo
2 chipotle peppers in adobo sauce
2 buns

Put ground beef in a mixing bowl and shake a little garlic powder, italian seasoning, and salt and pepper over the top.  Mix it up with your hands and shape into 2 patties. Set aside.

Chop up the jalapenos and onions into small strips. Keep or remove jalapeno seeds as you see fit. We like things spiiiicy, so I left all the seeds in.. watch out though! It’ll make you sweat a little ;)In a small pan, heat some olive oil on medium. Toss the onions and jalapeno strips in and sauté. Keep these cooking until the edges start to burn just a little. This gives the jalapenos a nice crunch.

In a small bowl, mix up the mayo and chopped chipotles. Add in a tablespoon or so of the adobo sauce to taste.

In a large grill pan, fry the bacon up. Once cooked, place to the side on a plate with a paper towel to soak up the bacon grease. Discard most of the bacon fat from the pan, and add the patties to cook. Flip after about 5 minutes. Add the pepperjack cheese slices to the top and cook until burger is done and cheese is melty.

Burger building time!
Smear chipotle mayo on the bottom bun then add the lettuce. Putting the lettuce under the patty is key to keeping the bottom bun intact in the face of an ultra juicy burger. Top the lettuce bed with the cheese smothered patty, then jalapeno straws, then the bacon. Drizzle a little extra chipotle mayo before capping with the top bun. Devour!

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