Hi, I’m Allie!

I’m so happy that you’re here!

Allie Strong | Sip and Spice Creative

I’m Allie Strong, a Boston food photographer. I specialize in food photography, recipe videography, recipe development and digital marketing strategy. Sip and Spice Creative is my boutique creative studio specializing in the food industry aiming to help food bloggers, restaurants, farmers, food brands and start-ups promote their products and services through beautiful imagery and modern heartfelt marketing.

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Ever since I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with food. I was that kid who finished breakfast asking what was for lunch, then sat at lunch asking what was for dinner. Honestly, I’m still that kid.

I started Sip & Spice as a place to share the recipes that I’m making and loving. Since then, I’ve fallen in love with food photography and videography. The process of capturing the deliciousness of food on camera is such a fun challenge.

I live in Boston, MA with my super foxy boyfriend Luke and our hilarious & adorable rescue pup, Rooney.

I love to be in the kitchen with family and friends making old favorites and trying new things. I always want to put more greens in things and Luke always wants to put just a little more cheese on top. And then there’s Rooney…patiently waiting for something to drop.

Luke is the one who always makes the dough for pizza. And he does all the grilling. He’s a pro. When he travels, he sends me pics of what he’s eating for future food inspiration. He’s seriously dreamy.

We keep a little notebook in a drawer in the kitchen that we call a “cooklet” (a cooking booklet..we’re nerds). As we’re experimenting, we write down the things that work…and the things that don’t. Then we’ll use our notes when we go back to make a recipe again. That’s pretty much as scientific as our recipe testing gets, but it works!

My food philosophy is this:

Keep it simple, fun, flavorful and at least sometimes, a little bit healthy.
Let the natural flavors and colors shine through.
Always keep a well-stocked spice cabinet.
Eating healthy should never be boring.
Eat locally & seasonally, when possible.
Balance is key.
If you’re not having fun in the kitchen, order a pizza.

I hope you find inspiration here to play around, experiment with your cooking and eat tasty food. I also share lots of food fun on Instagram! Leave comments for questions about specific recipes, but if you have questions about anything else, reach out to me at allie@sipandspice.com !